Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the academic year 2008-09 with an intake of 60 students, which was subsequently raised to 120 in the year 2011-12. The Department is also offering Diploma in ECE (DECE). The Department has scholarly and dedicated faculty members to impart quality education along with professional values among the student community. The well established laboratories with the state- of- the- art equipment and most useful software like MATLAB, Multisim, XILINX etc. provide necessary technical foundations to make the students competent in the present world. Students enhance their employability skills by conducting various co- curricular activities such as Group Discussions, Seminars, and Technical Quizzes etc. every week. The seminars by experts from the industry and alumni are a regular phenomenon to expose the students to the industry standards.

President : Vasakarla Santhosh Anudeep – IV-B (Roll No: 142N1A0491)
Secretary : Nandyala Viswanatha Reddy – III-A (Roll No: 152N1A0452)
Treasurer : Nallabotula Viswaswaroop Naidu – II (Roll No: 162N1A0439)
Committee Members: K Sree Harsha – IV-A (Roll No: 142N1A0430), C Jyothi Sravani – IV-A (Roll No: 142N1A0415), T Abdul Rahman – IV-B (Roll No: 142N1A0479), R Suma – IV-B (Roll No: 142N1A0469) , Kottike Mitra – III-A (Roll No: 152N1A0441), Kabberu Rajeswari – III-A (Roll No: 152N1A0433), Syed Junaid Quadri – III-B (Roll No: 152N1A0483), Sathoori Jhansi – III-B (Roll No: 152N1A0466), Konda Shanmukheiswaree – II (Roll No: 162N1A0429), Dustakar Jithendra – II, (Roll No: 162N1A0416)
Stand by Committee Members : Guda Manoj Kumar Reddy – IV-A (Roll No: 142N1A0427) , Elluru Hymavathi – IV-A (Roll No: 142N1A0421) , Manoj Naik Metta – IV-B (Roll No: 112N1A0462) , Vemula Niharika – IV-B (Roll No: 142N1A0493), Golla Siva Sankar – III-A (Roll No: 152N1A0426 ), Allu Mounika – III-A (Roll No: 152N1A0401), Shaik Shahinsha – III-B (Roll No: 152N1A0478), Yeruva Venkata Sai Bhanu – III-B (Roll No: 152N1A0494), Pulyala Jayanthi – II, (Roll No: 162N1A0450), Bandaru Ranjith Kumar – II (Roll No: 162N1A0408)

Contact Information

Prof. M Ranga Swami
+91 888-660-1137
Department of ECE
Brindavan Institute of Technology & Science NH-7, Peddatekur, Kurnool - 518218